The HSA Launches the second orbiter into space

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The HSA Launches the second orbiter into space

Post by Amodiify on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:03 pm

The HSA is proud to be the second nation to orbit the planet!
It turns out our sub orbital craft was capable of orbit if we could control the probe when it jettisoned the launch stage, so with our new sas technology, we did exactly that.
we named this rocket the Himzhou 1.5, and it is now going to stay in orbit and take many many pictures and relay us back even more data then we got from the first probe.

The rocket was launched at 16:00 GMT
it is at an apoapsis of 152,171 meters and a periapsis of 150,294 meters.
After a vote, it has been decided that this is the nicest picture we took

OOC Pictures:

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