The Democratic Federation of the Wyandot

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The Democratic Federation of the Wyandot

Post by twinky827 on Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:55 pm

Nation Name:The Wyandot Kingdom (Known as the Huron by most Europeans)


Zones of Control:

Capital: Setenskat City

Ruling Political Faction: The Federalist Party

Leader Name: Christopher Grey Eyes


Like all Native American cultures, the Huron migrated across from Asia during the iceage. They migrated slightly south and began following the herds around the great lakes. Eventually they started to settle down into small fishing villages on the great lakes. They also began to farm, and stopped their nomadic lifestyle altogether by the time the great conqueror took power.

In around the year 1090, a man who's name has been forgotten by history, and now only known to the people as "The Great One" took his tribe one step further than the others in the area. He introduced a new idea to the natives: Territory. He was the first native to realize that a tribe can command the surrounding resources of a city, and not let the other nations have them. With this idea in mind, he conquered the surrounding tribes, and put them under a sort of vassalage system. Eventually this developed into a feudal like system, with the king ruling over lords, and lords ruling over cities.

This system allowed the natives to work together to conquer even more tribes, and develop relatively advanced technology for having no exposure to the Europeans. By the 1600s, when the Europeans started to arrive via traders, they admired the massive kingdom that the natives had built up here. They traded with them regularly, and by the year 1700, the musket was in widespread use across the military. Trading continues to this day, now the only question is to see if the natives will be able to handle industrialization...

Wyandot Religion: According to Wyandot mythology, Iosheka created the first man and woman and taught them many skills, including all their religious ceremonies and rituals, the ability to fight evil spirits, healing, and the use of the sacrament of tobacco.

Glorious Wyandot Military:
1st Skirmisher Division
1st Ranged Regiment - Bayonets [1.5 MP]
2nd Ranged Regiment - Bayonets [1.5 MP]
3rd Ranged Regiment - Bayonets [1.5 MP]

2nd Ranged Division
1st Ranged Regiment - Bayonets [1.5 MP]
2nd Ranged Regiment - Bayonets [1.5 MP]
3rd Ranged Regiment - Bayonets [1.5 MP]

Royal Guard
1 Light Cavalry Regiment - 2MP

1st Artillery Battalion
1st Artillery Battery [3 MP]
2nd Artillery Battery [3 MP]

Total: 17 MP, 8.5 ₡ @ peace, 17 ₡ @ war, -8.5 PP cap


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