RSE and UKK University Improvement Initiative (U2I2)

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RSE and UKK University Improvement Initiative (U2I2)

Post by Top8media on Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:29 pm

The Imperial Treasury, Senate and Universities hereby authorize the UKK University Improvement Initiative (U2I2).

As agreed in conference, the UKK will provide technological transfer of non-military technologies so that the aerospace and general scientific efforts of the nascent Imperial University System take an ethical and peaceful direction in their research.  This future research path is laid out by the following technologies from the UKK:

These transfer of these technologies, agreed as phase 1 of the project, is funded by a payment from the Empire to the UKK of 1/3 of the estimated value of the research discount provided by the tech transfer.  

The 14.9 MK payment is authorized.

The Empire will also follow through on Phase 2 when it reaches technological equality with the UKK. Phase 2 is cooperative research where separate avenues of inquiry are pursued and then swapped for mutual benefit.


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Re: RSE and UKK University Improvement Initiative (U2I2)

Post by MysticPing on Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:33 pm

I, Kya the third sign this.

"I, Kya, the third of his name and the great leader of the combined kingdoms of greater Kyux sign and approve this deal"
That is Kya's words as he arrives on stage, shaking his hand with several important people from RSE.

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