The Polish-Lithuanian Empire

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The Polish-Lithuanian Empire Empty The Polish-Lithuanian Empire

Post by Jaiteaes on Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:27 pm

Nation Name: Polish-Lithuanian Empire
National Flag:
The Polish-Lithuanian Empire Pollith5
Zones of Control and Claims:
The Polish-Lithuanian Empire FhR2wX6Red: Lesser Poland, Purple: Greater Poland, Blue: Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Dark Grey: Claims, Light Grey: Colonial Claims
Capital City: Warsazawa (Warsaw)
Government Type: Parliamentary Imperial Monarchy with Elections for local Leaders.
Economic System: Capitalist
Currency: Polish-Lithuanian Zloty (zł)
Leader Name: Cesarz Jan Kasimir Piast II
Ruling Political Faction: Partia Cesarska
Most Followed Religion / State Religion: Chalcedonian Christianity
History: The history of the Polish Lithuanian Empire goes back to the conquest of Lithuania by Poland, resulting in King Bolesław IV declaring himself Emperor of Poland-Lithuania, and granted the title of Grand Duke of Lithuania to his Brother Kasimir Piast III, who would be known for the destruction of the feudal system in Poland. His son would only be known for raising the taxes and creating the Winged Hussars to be a part of the Imperial Guard. After the End of the Great Northern War, in which the Polish-Lithuanian Empire was defeated by Sweden, the nation had lost much of the Baltic Coast excluding Lithuania, and around that time the Cossack's had declared a war for independence from the Empire, causing the Empire to loose its southern territory. Forty years later, a revolution occurred in The Polish-Lithuanian Empire that forced Cesarz Bolesław VII to adopt a Parliament that gave the People a say in how the government is run. In 1790, Cesarz Bolesław VII was assassinated by a Lithuanian Nationalist, sparking a short civil war that lasted from May 9, 1790 to December 20, 1790. His son Jan Kasimir Piast II came to the throne at the age of at the age of 20, and has ruled since then.
Claim Justification: The territory that is claimed is due to it being de-jure territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire or due to its economic value.
5 Regular Infantry: 5mp
1 light cavalry: 2mp
1 heavy cavalry: 3mp
2 artillery: 6mp

3 light ships: 12mp
2 heavy ships: 16mp
2 artillery ships: 12mp
total: 56mp

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The Polish-Lithuanian Empire Empty Re: The Polish-Lithuanian Empire

Post by Jaiteaes on Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:40 am

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